We're All God's Children Worldwide

Ok, I am just not the sharpest tool in the shed...although I have been known to be wise.

I grew up in a city, San Francisco California, where there were many of us friends of different colors and backgrounds; that's just the way that city was and still is.  So, as a child, I grew up with the knowledge that we are really all the same and just had different lifestyles.

So, I go to college in 1990.  I'm sitting in a Political Science class and the subject came up of 

' being prejudice '.  I say, " prejudice of what? "  The whole class turned around and looked at me...and one person said, " people of different colors ".  I remember my eyes got big and I said, " you're kidding me, right? "  They all had this blank look on their face and one person said, " where have you been? "  and my response..." Not where you've been "  ...and that was that...we all just went back to our studies.

When the subject comes up now and again, I always say, " I did not know that prejudice existed until 1990! ", and I still get surprised reactions.

What Choice Did We Have At Birth?

This whole prejudice thing got me to thinking....


-   had a choice as to what color we would be born

-   had a choice where we would be born, what country, or

-   had a choice as to what family we would be born into

We all could just as easily been born a different color, been born in a different country and been born to a different family...and been hated and bullied upon as other people have been.

I look white but I do not or never did feel like I am a ' color ' .  For about 10 years of my life I used to fill out that section on the forms... ' other - human being ' .  Then later I thought, well maybe they need this information for their census. 

It was around 2011 when I started noticing that I was being prejudiced against too!  By people of color! What happened to do unto others as you want them to do unto you?