About Us

This is an Outreach Program

The purpose of this Outreach Program is to help anyone and everyone, rich or poor...

...the best we can.

There is so much we wan to accomplish and I will put more details as I am able to in my limited time because I work 2 part-time jobs.

Ultimately, we want to provide a building for people to come to, to get assistance with services where we walk them through their processes from beginning to end.

Ideally, to have a building with beds, showers and bathrooms for the Homeless Citizens while they are getting themselves back together.

Eventually, to build affordable housing for people with low incomes which are usually between 

$800 - $1300 per month where their rent will be 1/3 of their income; that way they have 1/3 for bills and 1/3 for 'fun' left after paying for their housing.

We call this part of the Outreach...



Homeless Citizens prefer to be called 'Houseless Citizens' because they feel that 'their home is where their heart is'...that is true.  Also, I have found that these citizens are amazingly closer to God than a lot of people who go to church regularly.  I understand that we are all on different levels of getting close to God and apparently it happens faster the more pains we have....I would be a good example of that.

What makes us different from other programs is that we are a HOLD YOUR HAND Outreach.  We provide personal one-on-one assistance with filling out paperwork, providing transportation and following the processes all the way through with them.  Also, we do not require the recipients to be clean and sober...that's God's area of expertise; to eventually cleanse them from it.

Some of the help we have already provided in Lodi and also in other cities are:

*     taking people to DMV to get their ID

*     getting their medi-cal benefits

*     transporting them to the doctor's office

*     getting their food stamp benefits

*     filling out paperwork to get their disability

*     connecting them with Disability Attorneys when they get denied

*     giving them resources to locate employment

We have purchased gloves, scarfs and umbrellas in the winter, have purchased $1 Bibles and reading glasses, have bought food, have passed out Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner plates and this past holiday season catered Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner for Homeless Citizens.

Take Care and

God Bless You Always